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It is believed that this red lettered decal was used from the beginning of production at serial number 8401 thru #9626 and then the decal changed to black letters and went through #11499. Also a very few of the first tractors built may have had a decal that read "Hart-Parr Oil Tractor" New Hart-Parr decal

Hart-Parr "30" Hart-Parr "30" decal used from 1919 thru 1924, serial
numbers 11500 thru #22300. It was used on both
the 15-30 A and 15-30 C. The fender decal was stacked
with Hart-Parr on top and "30" just below it.

Decal used from 1924 - 1926, #22501 thru #26000,
for both the fenders and fuel tank. The fender decal was stacked with Hart-Parr on top and 16-30 just beneath it.
16-30 decal

12-24 2 speed decal This decal used on the Hart-Parr 12-24 2 speed tractors.
1924 - 1926 serial #36001 thru #37100.

Decal used from 1923 - 1927, #70001 thru #70500,
for both the fenders and fuel tank.
The fender decal was stacked with Hart-Parr on top and the 22-40 just below it.

12-24 winged decal for 3 speed tractors This decal used on the Hart-Parr 12-24 3 speed tractors.
1926 - 1930 serial #37101 thru #43253. It is a multicolored winged decal that is a Hart-Parr trademark.

This decal was used from 1926 - 1930, for both the 2 speed
and the 3 speed tractors. There might of been
a very few of the first tractors in 1926 that may have had the plain white letters without the wings.
18-36 decal

28-50 decal The 28-50 used the same decal all the way
through production, from 1927 - 1930.

This is a large decal placed on the inside left fender
of the 15-30 A's and gives instructions for operating the
tractor. Used on tractors built from 1919 - 1922,
serial #11500 thru 19125.
Inside left fender on 15-30 A

Front of transmission case decal This decal really sets the tractor off with
the decal located on the front end of the transmission case
just to the side of the belt pulley.

This is a beautiful 6 color decal used on
the 18-27 Row Crops, from 1930 thru 1933. Serial #100001 - #102130. Taken from a blueprint found in Charles City.
Fender decal for 18-27 Row Crop

Hood decal for early Row Crops This hood decal was used on Row Crop tractors
built in 1930 only. Serial #100001 - #102130.

If anyone is interested in these decals please email me at: Hart-Parr Tractors. They are made out of durable vinyl and are die-cut which means there is nothing between the letters, so when they are applied they look as if they were painted on.

New Hart-Parr gray paint is NAPA #99L-1578 acrylic enamel
Hart-Parr green paint I use is PPG MAEB-QT 45177 prime Deep Green

         I realize there are several paint numbers floating around, but this seems
         be about as close as any of them. As long as they are not painted meadow green.

Oliver Hart-Parr green paint is NAPA #99L-11513 acrylic enamel.
Red paint for the wheels, well that is a good question, but I just use IH red,
it doesn't matter to me as I am color blind.


As for the lettering on the front of the radiator, in all my research, it appears
that the lettering was painted white on all models except for the Hart-Parr 70.
On some photos you can see that they are a dark color as if they would of been
red, but I'm sure that is not the case. I only put faith in original black and
white photos and they all show white letters.

Any comments, questions, or corrections, e-mail me at:Hart-Parr Tractor

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