Hart-Parr 28-50 (narrow radiator) serial numbers


Hart-Parr 28-50 (wide radiator) serial numbers


Several serial number lists exist, these are as accurate as possible.

Hart-Parr 28-50

28-50 Hart-Parr 28-50 narrow radiatorThe 28-50 is a strong, powerful tractor designed to carry out the toughest jobs. It's large four cylinder engine was similar to the 22-40 but in this case two 12-24 engine blocks are used with a 5.75 inch bore. Hart-Parr 28-50 wide radiator and flat spokesIt had a surplus of power. In the Nebraska tests it performed a hefty 46 h.p. on the drawbar and a whooping 64 h.p. on the belt. It had substantially more horsepower than it's given rating. Even though Hart-Parr doesn't make mention of two styles of 28-50's there really are two styles. The two styles are simply the narrow radiator and the wide radiator. The reason for the two different radiators is simply that the narrow or smaller one had cooling problems so the radiator capacity was enlarged on the wider models for better cooling. And another visible difference is the heavy cast eight spoke rear wheel on the early models and then the flat spoke rear wheel of the later style. Starting with the early model 28-50's a cab was available as an option. It really wasn't an enclosed cab rather just a roof over your head to keep the sun and rain off of the operator. It is rather impressive to see a 28-50 with a cab and listen to the engine operating a sawmill. A two forward speed transmission remained throughout the 28-50 production.

Hart-Parr 28-50 Specifications

ENGINE: Four cylinder, 5.75 inch bore by 6.5 inch stroke, 850 rpm.
HORSEPOWER: 28 on the drawbar and 50 on belt the pulley.
IGNITION: High tension Robert Bosch magneto.
LUBRICATION: Madison Kipp force feed oiler.
TRANSMISSION: Two or speeds forward, one reverse.
COOLING: Water pump, with friction driven fan.
FRAME: Channel iron.
FRONT WHEELS: 28 inches diameter, 7 inch face.
DRIVE WHEELS: 51 inches diameter, 14 inch face.
SHIPPING WEIGHT: 8600 pounds.
PLOWS PULLED: five to six bottom plow.
PRICE NEW: $2085.00.

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