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Several serial number lists exist, these are as accurate as possible.

Hart-Parr 12-24

The 12-24 Hart-Parr is broken down into 3, more or less distinct models. I will try and distinguish the three models in the following discriptions.

12-24 E This model replaced the 10-20 C but was pretty much identical about the only difference Hart-Parr 12-24 Ewas that the clutch was changed to the disc type instead of the old contracting band type. A new style steering quandrant was added with an enclosed worm gear set at the lower end of the steering column. It still had only 2 speeds forward.

12-24 G Hart-Parr 12-24 GThe 12-24 G had an increased engine bore to 5.75, an increase of a quarter of an inch from the 12-24 E. It still had the 2 forward speed transmission. This model now carried the new winged decal and winged radiator cap which is a trademark for all of the later lighweight models. It still had the short or bobtail fenders and round spoke wheels both front and back. Although the front wheels could be equiped with the heavy cast wheels.

12-24 H Hart-Parr 12-24 HThe latest version of the 12-24 is the 12-24 H and came with a new 3 forward speed transmission with a road gear of 4.3 mph. The 12-24 H featured improved pistons for higher compression and was now capable of burning gasoline more effecient. A larger platform was added and the fenders came down to the platform boards for added safety for the operator. During 1929 the rear wheel spokes were changed to the flat type and it was possible to have the flat spokes on the front also, but the heavy cast front wheels were the normal. The 12-24 models could all be equiped with hard rubber tires and a power take off assembly was also available. Take a look at my 1927 12-24 H with the cast front wheels and factory PTO click here.

The 12-24 models are desireable amongst collectors for the fact that they are easy to work on and are lightweight and easy to take to tractor shows. Just make sure the Madison Kipp oiler is in working order. The oiler is the back bone of the engine and must be working properly.

Hart-Parr 12-24 Specifications

ENGINE: 5.50 to 5.75 inch bore by 6.5 inch stroke, 850 rpm.
HORSEPOWER: 12 on the drawbar and 24 on belt the pulley.
IGNITION: High tension Robert Bosch magneto.
LUBRICATION: Madison Kipp force feed oiler.
TRANSMISSION: Two or three speeds forward, one reverse.
COOLING: Water pump, with friction driven fan.
FRAME: Channel iron.
FRONT WHEELS: 28 inches diameter, 5 inch face.
DRIVE WHEELS: 46 inches diameter, 10 inch face.
SHIPPING WEIGHT: 4440 pounds.
PLOWS PULLED: Two to three bottom plow.
PRICE NEW: $1050.00.

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